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Hults Bruk

Hults Bruk Agdor 26 Inch Yankee Felling Axe

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Brought on by customer Request! We have decided to start to carry some of the Hults Bruk axes! Please feel free to request any other Hults Bruk items as we may slowly start to carry more and more.

A short and versatile felling axe, the Agdor 26 Yankee Pattern Felling Axe offers outstanding balance and high-quality materials at a great price. Each axe is hand-forged from premium Swedish carbon steel, expertly tempered for strength and edge retention. Painted iconic blue, the 2-pound axe head is paired with a curved 26-inch American hickory handle. Sharpened ready to use out of the box and sold with a US made leather

Product Specs
Overall Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Head Weight: 2 lb.
Handle Length: 26"
Head: Solid Swedish steel
Handle: Solid American Hickory
Sheath: Leather Sheath Included



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