Helle Saga Sigler
Helle Saga Sigler

Helle Saga Sigler

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The Saga Siglar is a bit closer to the original knife designed by Arne Emile Christensen. Professor Christensen is with the University Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo. The knife was produced as part of a fund-raiser for an around-the-world cruse of a Viking longship. The knife is notable not only for it's historical interest, but also as an excellent all around utility knife. This one comes with the original blade length of 3 1/2". Again, the blade is laminated carbon steel. It's about .150" thick and about 3/4" wide. The black finish of the heat treatment is left on the sides for a rustic look. The tang of the blade is peened over a diamond shaped washer. The handle is a bit over 4 1/8" and is subtly shaped for comfort and control with a variety of grips. It comes with the traditional sheath that hangs from a thong. A sample of the knife and it's sheath weighed just under 5 ounces. I actually like the shorter blade length better. I think it's handier for every day tasks. There is a tradition that a personal belt knife should have a blade about as long as the width of your palm. This one is closer to my small to average hand size.