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Mora Farrier's Knife #180 Right or Left Handed

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The Mora Farrier's Knife 180; This is a farrier's knife used for trimming the hooves of horses. But it can make a good crooked knife for those who prefer the North American style of curved carving knife. The "No Stain" blade is a bit over 3" long, but only about 2 ¼” are sharpened as it comes from the factory. The handle is about five inches long, and sized for average and larger hands. Farrier work requires a strong edge, and you will probably want to re-profile the edge a bit for working with wood. I like to extend the edge to the base of the handle, and reshape the handle, but most folks don’t bother.

We are seemingly forever out of stock of the RH and Starting to run low on the LH. Mora has discontinued this item so please grab them up if needed before gone.



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