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Roselli RW755 The UHC Chef Knife

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The Roselli UHC Chef Knife is lightweight and wouldn't be tiring to use for long periods. This would be a good all around kitchen knife for the particular chef. It's supplied with a wood storage block

Item Details: 

  • UHC Steel Blade
  • Blade Length: 8"
  • Blade Thickness: .060"
  • Handle Length: 5"
  • Weight: 6.25 oz. 



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Customer Reviews

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Jason Jarvinen
UHC kitchen chef knife

I bought one direct about a year ago. I will tell you this (hold a edge) slicing and cutting blows my mind how long the bite lasts on this knife. Now to resharpen , touch up have to use a diamond and be patient not a 2 second quick edge. I use mine at the house all the time. Amazing tool. The company says around 64 HRC it does well also light to moderate chopping..(no bones ) squash and other hard vegetables making them into cubes. Hold the edge nicely. I have 12 knives on the wall, legit moderate to high end knives. Unwavering loyalty to this Finnish knife.. Hope this helps people decide on what to buy ( not a beginner's knife) always wash and dry immediately after use . Lightly oil the blade, should last a lifetime