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Lauri 18x28x3 Shaped
Stephen Bishop (Charlotte, US)

Nice quality

Olivewood Knife Blank
Stephen Bishop (Charlotte, US)

Nice Quality

Stephen Bishop (Charlotte, US)

Nice quality blade

Sharpening - Viking Whetstone
Lance Benton (Coos Bay, US)
Great addition for Scandi knives

I have purchased a total of these. Terrific fine hone to maintaing a razor edge, Accomplishes a similar funtion as a paddle strop in maintaining an already super sharp blade.

Great sheath!

Great sheath! It fits my camp chopper knife which has an 8 inch blade perfectly, with a good amount of the handle still in the sheath for secure carry.

Helle Blade 310 H3LS Stainless (Gaupe)
Levan Kotia (Tbilisi, GE)
I ❤️ Helle

I honestly love the blade, this stainless steel laminated blade stays sharp for a long time.
I love the size and shape.
Highly/ honestly recomend.
My favorite knife🔪

Awesome, blade.

This is a very nice small blade, which became a very nice small knife. the laminated carbon steel might be extremely sharpened

Allan A-23o
james harrison (Kennebunk, US)
Wonderfully made

This is the second Iroquois I have owned, I still have the first one from at least 20 years ago and it is as beautiful as the day I got it. I’ve thrown ragweed forge hawks for many years, taught many a Boy Scout how to throw and even in retirement I’m still enjoying them. Oh and the service is super as well.

Trade Knife TR-FL
izaya cooper (Amman, JO)

Well its a great knife at a great price and adds a great historical piece to my every day carry blade couldn't be more pleased the people here at ragweed forge are great there communication is awesome

Nice sheath

Pretty happy with it. I carry a 3 to 3.5 inch puukko with me pretty much all the time around the farm. The hanger style sheaths are secure but hard to use one handed so I decided to give this a try. I've tried several different knives in it. Seems to keep them all secure but I haven't really had it long enough to know how it will break in. I like the heavy leather and you definitely can't beat the price. If it stays snug after it breaks in then I'll probably order a couple more.

Ahti Metsa #9607rst Stainless
Josh (Seattle, US)
Solid knife

I’m quite pleased with this knife. It came sharp out of the box, carves very well, has a great sheath, and looks handsome. For the price I’m not sure that there’s any better options for traditional style bushcraft knives. I will say that the handle did feel a little dry at first so I oiled it right away. That’s not a problem for me but something you might want to know. I would recommend this knife and I’d buy one again.

Peltonen M23 is fantastic

This is a great little knife , the handle is large enough to be used comfortably when using it . The blade is well shaped for carving , it takes and holds a fine edge . After a bit of use in the kitchen , I noticed that it's a laminated blade , nice ! The M23 is a modern version of traditional Scandinavian carving knife , very well done !

Lovely blade.

Awesome blade with hammered finish. I really love it. Highly recommend 👌

Levan Kotia (Tbilisi, GE)
Beautiful finish

I love the hammered finish on the blade. It looks like made decades ago. Will upload pictures when I finish my build.

Levan Kotia (Tbilisi, GE)
Nice Blade

It's my 5th Laurin Metalli Oy blade, very satisfied with steel quality, pretty hard and rust resistant (for carbon steel). Easy to sharpen.
Highly recommend 👌

Mora Companion Dala Red
Scott Cunningham (Charlottesville, US)

We've been customers for over 10 years and love these knives. Solid, blade locking sheath, durable and kids love the variety of colors. Highly recommend.

Mora Companion DESERT #13216
Scott Cunningham (Charlottesville, US)

We've been customers for over 10 years and love these knives. Solid, blade locking sheath, durable and kids love the variety of colors. Highly recommend.

Mora Companion BLUE #12159
Scott Cunningham (Charlottesville, US)

We've been customers for over 10 years and love these knives. Solid, blade locking sheath, durable and kids love the variety of colors. Highly recommend.

Nice Blade

Ii usually buy cheaper carbon Steel blades
And decided to do one in stainless. Ragweed is always fairly priced so I buy all my blades from them. Came scary sharp. And am very satisfied with Helle. Did the handle with zebra/ beech/rosewood/ with some inserts. Added my home made geometric pins and 20 coats of true oil . Turned out pretty nice

Came quick! It’s a hit

My son spent his allowance on this knife after demonstrating safe skills at camp. It came within 3 days of ordering and has not disappointed. The blunt tip and fixed handle are a must for new whittlers.

JRE - Loaded Strop Bat
M.Y. (Eustis, US)
Best hone out there.

I’ve bought about every Strop on the market. None I found could provide a complete finish.. This Strop will service ALL your needs in one ergonomic package.

Buddy Young

It’s pink for my niece who loves pink.

Helle Nipa Folder (New 2022)
Gary M Gensinger (Punta Gorda, US)
Spectacular Knife

Beautiful Helle folding knife. The figuring of the wooden handle is beautiful. Probably the nicest of the knives in my collection.


Ya know I have bought thousands of knives in my lifetime always looking for that one perfect all around knife. I Have 1000$ + knives but none have ever hit PERFECT tell I opened my mail today the Peltonen M95 Ranger hit PERFECT totally amazed by the feel of the grips the blade shape and geometry the grind is PERFECT and the sheath is absolutely the best designed sheath I have EVER SEEN. I have finally found that 100% perfect knife for me. It's only taken 60 years lol 😆

Järvenpää 1244 Aito Puukko
Marc Hutchison (Manchester, US)
Simply Outstanding

The craftsmanship is outstanding and it’s incredibly comfortable in hand. Not only is this Puukko beautiful, it performs amazingly well whether in the kitchen or while camping. The customer service is also outstanding.