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Sharpening - Viking Whetstone

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In Viking times small whetstones were often worn as pendants. These are reproductions of whetstone pendants found in Viking Age York. Similar pendants have been found in Kalåstad, Norway, Birka, and Gotland. They are cut from Jasper, and seem about midway between hard white and hard black Arkansas stones in action. That means they are very fine, and suitable for the honing a final edge rather than basic sharpening. They vary a little in size and shape, but most are about 3 1/4" long, just under an inch wide at the base, and 1/4" in thickness. Colors are mostly grays, browns and the occasional green. If you have a preference let me know and I'll do my best. Each comes with a string and descriptive packaging. I use them dry, and clean off the clogging residue as often as necessary with water. Imported from Sweden,




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Customer Reviews

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Seth O (Schuylerville, US)
Jasper Viking Whetstone

I love the feel and shape of it- comfortable yet practical. I should have emailed about specifying for a color, rolled the dice a bit and was left underwhelmed. Still extremely appreciative of the product and in the timely manner in which it arrived.

Thank you for the review! We certainly get a wide variety of colors. If you ever decide to order one again, Please feel free to leave a note in the checkout section with your preference as we are always happy to go through and pick the closest color possible. If you did not take it out of the package, we would also have happily swapped for a different color.

Richard Wallace (San Antonio, US)
Great finf

I received the Viking where tone very quickly. The colors are striking. The stone does a great job of keeping my etc knife in state of razor sharpness. I

Ed Bush (Atlanta, US)
My pocket knife could probably cut the fabric of space and time.

Bought this a while back. Beautiful coloring, a lot like the one to the far left in the picture...but it also works! This little stone has put a finish edge on my every day pocket knife that, if I was so inclined, I could shave with. It's angled as well to utilize on serrations at the bottom. Very happy with it and wear it every day...just in case.

Scott Cross (Fond du Lac, US)
Viking Whetstone

The stone itself is great, but the plastic cord is not authentic.

Eric Baart (New York, US)
Viking Whetstone

What a beautiful piece of stone. Get many compliments just wearing it around my neck.
Very pleased with my purchase.