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Ragweed Forge

Helle Audun (2024 Limited Edition)

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The 2024 Helle limited edition knife is designed by our chief handlemaker Audun. Starting in 1973, Audun first worked on the cutlery before taking over as chief handlemaker and foreman. For the past 50 years he has worked with and for three generation of Helles and played an integral part of many of our inhouse design. Helle has developed with Audun, and Audun has developed with Helle.

“This has been a good job my whole life. After I came home to my wife and kids when they were younger, there would always be a few wood shavings from my clothes on the bathroom floor. Then my wife said to the kids: It is the wood shavings we live from.”

This year Audun has made his own favorite knife, based on over 50 years of knowledge and skills. The finished product is a stunning knife that incorporates both the new and old of Helle. It features a classic H3LS laminate steel blade with scandi grind and a slight drop point. The shape and size of the blade makes it ideal as an all-purpose hiking companion.

Special recipe handle

The handle features two of Audun’s favorite materials. The front piece is made of reindeer antlers, protected in the front by a stainless steel plate. This front piece is effortlessly integrated into a colored curly birch handle. The oil mix used to color the handle is Audun’s special recipe, which creates a dark red and brown hue - a beautiful contrast to the white reindeer antler. It has the added bonus of smelling like you have just started a bonfire. The shape of the handle features the traditional belly that is a feature of many Helle knives, whereas the extensive pommel tips its hat to more recent designs.

The knife comes with Audun’s own version of his favorite Helle sheath. As a handlemaker, he loves birch and the symbol on the front of the sheath is a birch tree in the spring time.


Specifications Audun - 2024 LTD
Weight incl. sheath 134 grams /  4.72 oz
Blade material Triple Laminated Helle steel, stainless (H3LS)
Blade thickness 3 mm /  0.118 inch
Blade length 88 mm /  3.46 inches
Blade construction Stick tang
Handle material Curly birch and reindeer antler
Handle length 120 mm /  4.72 inches
Sheath material Genuine leather (brown)
Design by Helle Design
Design year 2024



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Neill from Montana (Anaconda, US)
Beautiful knife, well balanced and great size.

Second Helle knife i game bought from ragweed forge. Excellent seller. This knife is both beautiful to look at and hold in your hand. Well balanced, nice blade length and handle fits my larger sized hand comfortably. Perfect for most everyday use and will work well for field dressing deer/elk.

Rodney Miller (Yuma, US)
What a Beauty

The Helle Audun is a real beauty. The wood is amazing. Amazing craftsmanship!! Very pleased and as always Ragweed Forge is absolutely amazing always a wonderful experience!!

Albert Rodriguez (Riverside, US)
Helle Audun

Beautifully crafted knife for bushcraft. Blade is the right length. Handle large enough to feel secure. Wood and antler handle is gorgeous. Blade is laminated, and came razor sharp. Sheath is sturdy, and has a liner. Super quick shipping. A lot of knife for the price. I recommend it.

James (Powhatan, US)

This is my first knife from Helle. I saw the ads for it and I knew I’d own it. When I got it in hand, I was not disappointed. It fits my hand well, workmanship is exceptional. Probably won’t be the last Helle knife I buy!

Jessica Longshore (Dallas, US)
Top quality knife

Gorgeous knife!