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Ragweed Forge

R.Nurmi PUUKKO - #1 Thuya Wood Burl

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Rick has been a wood worker and knife builder for many years. I was quite surprised with the creativity when the first batch of knives was sent. Every one of his knives we have seen have exceptional craftsmanship and  are beyond creative.

This knife was started with a Lauri progressive tempered 95mm carbon blade. The handle is made out of Thuya Wood Burl with Brass ends and Brass Spacers in the handle. The Tang is peened at the end.

The sheath is also made out of the same Thuya wood burl and leather with a Leather dangler. The knife fits quite snug into the sheath as it is supposed to.

This Sheath may be considered left handed to some but as Rick pointed out, Many people carry a puukko on the left so they can hold the sheath with their left hand and pull the knife out with their right.




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