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JRE - Loaded Strop Bat

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Upon Request, We are now carrying a excellent Pre-Loaded Strop Bat. The Strop Bat makes short work of putting that final "Razor Sharp" Edge on all of your knives. This can stay out in the shop or even hang in the kitchen for daily use.

The leather stropping surfaces are 9" long by 1.5" wide, plenty enough to handle even your longest blades. Overall Length 16in. It is made from Red Oak and has 4 leather stropping surfaces.

First use the side preloaded with Black Compound, then Green, Blue and finally the plain leather for the final polish of the edge.

This would be a great addition to any sharpening set.

We now have a cover that can be purchased separately just for this bat for those who like to protect them.



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Customer Reviews

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Lance Benton (Coos Bay, US)
Excellent tool to get your edges hair popping sharp.

Works great to keep my custom Scandi's blades hair popping sharp. Only improvement would be if you also offered the three stropping compounds when they need refreshed.

Thank you for your review! Great to hear you love that tool. We use one every day and absolutely love them as well. They can be a little tricky to find but we do offer 3 stropping compounds just for this. Two ways to find them - Catalog - Products - Sharpening (then on page 2) OR, type in 'compound' into the search and they will pop right up. Hope this helps.


Great item, excellent communication and fast shipment :)

Denial and Error (Athens, US)
The Strop Bat

At some point you find that there is damn good reason to have screaming sharp edges on your blades. It just makes the work of the knife complete, efficient, and satisfying. After owning one, the strop bat is mandatory. A must have tool. Affordable, well made, effective and efficient.

Mark Kiger (Bridgeport, US)
Efficient and a Great Value

This is a great knife sharpening tool as it is preloaded and has four options in one handy tool. The price for this product is beyond reasonable. I would recommend this item to anyone who wants to touch up their knives and keep the edge sharp.

Thomas Majors (Los Angeles, US)
Fantastic item. Really hones in nicely.

Like the colors on the leather? yeah those will go away... Like to have a sharp blade that can almost effortlessly cut through paper? A good angle and this strop will help you get it done. I have had this strop for over 6 months, and have sharpened over three dozen blades easily that have had this strop used on them. Some edges I have gotten to near mirror and if I had the patience of a non-caffinated member of society, My edges would indeed be mirrors. I have recommended it to two of my friends and three of my enemies. (If I'm gonna get cut, It may as well be clean). I even have gotten this as a gift for another friend. This is a good product and even with the abuse the strop I have has gotten, it has lasted. A solid piece you want to maintain any edged item with.