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Sharpening - Ballistol

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Ballistol is slightly alkaline, so it neutralizes the amino acids in human sweat. It emulsifies with water, so it will protect wet surfaces as well as dry surfaces. The mixture prevents rust, and when it dries it leaves a protective film. As a lubricant it never thickens or gums up. Mixed half and half with water it makes a black powder cleaner. Mixed 1:20 with water it’s a cutting fluid. On unfinished wood surfaces it helps seal and protect the wood, as well as bringing out the beauty of the grain. It restores old oil finished surfaces. It softens old dried leather and protects from mold and mildew. (Warning; it darkens light leather, and is not for use on suede.)

The downside; (you knew there had to be one). The stuff stinks, literally, at least on first application. The initial smell is between old sweat socks, and something much more vulgar. After a bit however, it just leaves a faint odor resembling black licorice. I’m told that the smell is common to most German gun shops and hunting lodges. I suppose, like the smell of Hoppe’s No. 9, it’s an acquired taste. I’ve gotten quite accustomed to it, although I found it offensive initially.

Note: Aerosol cans cannot be sent Priority Mail, which goes by air. They will go by ground parcel post. Please allow extra time for delivery.



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