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Ragweed Forge

Ing Pendant #5123

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5123; Ing is the earlier form of Freyr. The full name is Ingvi-Freyr, Lord Ing. The image and inscription were supplied by a visiting Norwegian practitioner of the Old Religion. It's said to be an invocation to Ing, that he provides the opportunity to achieve the most of one's potential. Ing supplies the opportunity, it up to you to make it happen. It's about 1 5/8' tall including the ring, and about 5/8" wide.
Yngvi/Ing is an alternative name of the god Freyr, Ing is the bringer of a person's destiny who makes it possible to realize one's potential.  The inscriptions are intended to draw this energy of fulfillment and realization.  12mmW x 41mm H - Sterling Silver



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