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Fenris Bound #5108

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Fenris Bound
This is an image found wherever the Norse traveled, from Dublin to Kiev. It is still in widespread use today as protection charm for travelers. It is painted on the ends of Gipsy and Tinker wagons, and has appeared on traveling boxes since the Viking Age. The image is of Fenris bound, seemingly by his own tongue. The pose is typical, with the head twisted backward so he is looking over his shoulder, and the tongue entangling the feet.


#5108; This medallion is the result of a chance encounter with an Irish hitchhiker. He was wearing a medallion that was obviously ancient, and of interesting design. He said it had been in his family for at least 200 years, and had been passed down from eldest son to eldest son. Since he was traveling to America, his father gave him the medallion for protection on the journey. Although it was well worn, this is what that medallion might have looked like when it was new. (1.2" dia.)



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