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Sharpening - Medium Grit Viking Whetstone

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Medium Grit Viking Whetstone

The Jasper Viking whetstones shown above will produce an almost frighteningly sharp edge. But they are too fine for basic sharpening. Here are some similar stones cut from soft Arkansas. This is the basic grade for general sharpening. It’s about 500 – 600 grit. You can follow up with the Jasper Viking stones for the finest of edges, but for general use these should be about right. They are mostly white or cream, but the color may vary through grays and molted patterns, to mostly black. The sharpening characteristics will be the same. The are about 4” long, 1” wide and 7/16” thick. I can string them on about four feet of either brown paracord, or a natural fiber cord. Four feet sounds like a lot, but with the adjustable knots shown it's about right. The cord can always be used for other purposes when out in the bush. Let know which you would prefer. If you don't specify, I'll send paracord.



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JohnC (Kodak, US)
A great tool

I have the original viking Whetstone and it's served me well. This a great addition to keep or fix the edge of your knives. It works really well and much less money then a heavily advertised model.