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Allan A-23C

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A-23C; The British Belt Axe is very similar to those issued to British troops during the American Revolution. The pattern was used by both sides, and examples have been found in the camps of both British and American forces. The head weighs about 16 ounces and has a 3 1/2" cutting edge. It has a pronounced poll, which was coming into favor at this time. (A poll is the thickened part of the head opposite the edge. It helps to counter balance the weight of the blade, and strengthens the back of the head for pounding.) The axes comes with a 18" handle

The replacement handle is the "A-TD" style listed below.



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Customer Reviews

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Jordan Clymer (Caldwell, US)
Fantastic value! Ready to go right out of the box!

I'm going to repeat myself a lot compared to my other review of the A-23V, but it's merited. People need to see this if they have any interest in tomahawks.

Getting any kind of tomahawk sent to you with a respectable friction fit is basically unheard of in this price point. Getting one anywhere near being sharp out of the box is also about unheard of for this price point. Both? Just WOW.

Especially with the Hudson Bay design, the stouter blade and more pronounced poll really balances it out well and makes it feel secure in the hand and well under your control. It feels great to swing! The poll on the back is about 9/16" wide and 1-3/8" long. It's not ideal for hammer work but it will get the job done in a pinch. The ears on it really make it stand out versus the common Hudson Bay design. This is the practical tomahawk I would grab if I needed to do real work with it.

In comparison, Cold Steel is a very popular value brand that's only a tad cheaper and it's basically a tomahawk "blank" kit that you need to put serious work into making into an actual functioning tomahawk. CRKT hawks? I'm sending the one I just bought back; more money and a joke in comparison to this one. The eye of the CRKT hawk head is too big for the handle it came with!

My only complaints are that I didn't find this website sooner and I wish they had more models that caught my eye the way this one did.
For the money? 6 Stars! Genuinely. And free expedited shipping on orders over $120? I'll tell people who don't even care about tomahawks about this site. Really stellar.

Ben Kubes (Stillwater, US)
Camp tomahawk

Got this for light camping uses. Nice and compact, great edge. This is my third tomahawk from ragweed over ten, or so, years. Excellent service and products.

Kim Rheault (Placerville, US)
Hatchet tomahawk style

Well made and very sharp! Nice addition to my camp gear.