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JRE Sheath Bushcraft Model N

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The Bushcraft model N is now available and is offered with a Fire Steel Loop. You have the option to choose with regular belt loop or with the Dangler. We decided to get this in so we could offer a sheath that was actually made for bushcraft! This will easily fit the Mora Garberg, and Larger Bushcraft knives. We currently offer this Right Handed sheath in Dark Brown.

  •  The Model "K" will fit a knife approximately 8-5/8" in length.
  • 2" at the opening.
  • Square bottom with 3 eyelets total.
  • Available in Dark Brown.
  • Right Handed
  • With Firesteel Loop.
  • With or Without Dangler
  • LT Wright Genesis
  • Mora Garberg

If you are looking for even larger than this. Check out the Model S!



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D man (Spokane, US)
Great sheath

Sheath works great , had to place a lanyard at the end of the knife so I could get the knife out of the sheath though because the whole blade and handle are consumed by the sheath.But I like it that way , no secure strap to fuss with, no knife handle getting caught on anything. Then I placed a leg strap to the sheath, now it literally is just part of my leg ( have the dangelar option) knife slides out / in , yet is secured in aggressive hiking situations. , and is low enough on leg for easy accessibility and draws no attention on the hiking trails like my waist sheath.The only complaint is the fire rod slot , can't find a fire rod that fits tight and secure yet ( was hoping to use the fire rod from the stock Mora sheath )Oh and heads up it didn't come treated, so it took allot of pre treatment before being used out in the Field.