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Roselli Hunter in Damascus RD 300P

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I had to pick my jaw off the ground after getting my hands on these Roselli Damascus knives. Certainly for those with a collection or for that special hunter that just likes to go above and beyond.

The Roselli Hunter is stout all-around hunting and wilderness knife. The blade is about 4" long and about 1/8" thick. The generous handle is about 4" long.

The Roselli Hunting Knife with a damascus blade and silver fittings is the perfect hunter's companion with its original 1976 design. Created specifically for handling medium to large game.

This handmade damascus blade is made from over 1000 layers of steel. The handle is made out of some of the most attractive birch that I have seen, etched and coated with linseed oil for a secure grip, even when in contact with moisture. The handle also features bolsters made with 925 sterling silver. Each piece is unique due to the varied texture of natural materials. Supplied in a handcrafted dark tanned leather sheath.

Handcrafted, sharpened and perfected in Harmoinen, Finland.

I will be more than happy to send pictures of the exact knife that you would be getting. We are also going to provide shipping insurance on these knives that is included with your purchase.



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