Helle Blade 83 (Skog Knife Blade)

Helle Blade 83 (Skog Knife Blade)

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Helle Blade as used in the Skog. Triple laminated steel blade with a scandi grind edge. 

Blades is used for the following knife models:

  • Turmann (historic model)
  • Skog

Formerly known as 51 Turmann blade. - This used to be one of the Most Popular Helle Blades that we sold. Happy they are available again.

Blade Length: 3 in  (3 1/16 to be exact)
Total Length: 7 3/8 in / 187 mm.
Weight: 1.3 oz / 38 g.
Thickness: .096 in / 2.45 mm.