Helle Speider
Helle Speider

Helle Speider

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Speider means "Scout" in Norwegian, and this is the upscale Norwegian scout knife. It has a simple drop point blade of non-laminated stainless steel, nicely ground and polished. The blade is about 3 1/2" long, and .104" thick. It comes with a finger guard, and the dark stained birch handle is just over 4" long, so this one would be suitable for older Scouts as well as adults. The snap-style sheath is stamped with the Norwegian Scout emblem. I particularly like the way the sheath is designed. The wide snap flap is positioned just above the guard. This tends to retain the knife even if the snap is undone, until you deliberately fold it back. It solves the main problem I have with most snap style sheaths. I wish it was used more widely. Altogether this is a neat and useful package.