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Laurin Oy


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Lauri-carving-80; (80x23/16x3.25mm), I think the taper of this blade is particularly attractive. When used with a light weight handle it also puts a greater percentage of the mass near the center of gravity. This makes for a knife that balances well and feels lively in the hand. The blade is about 3 1/4" long, 7/8" wide at the base, and.130" thick. The tang is about 4 7/8" long.

Best Bolsters/Ferrules Below 

Link to 16x24x3 Shaped - Average sized Bolster

Link to 15x23x13 Shaped Ferrule - For those that like Ferrules

Link to 18x28x3 Shaped - Very Popular for this blade

Link to 19x30x3 Shaped - Most common, Can be ground down to a decent sized finger guard

Link to 18x35x3 Shaped - Best for those that like a long distinct finger guard



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Gordon Whitbeck (West Hartford, US)
Great all around blade

If you buy these blades it’s hard to stop
I’ve been enjoying building these knives and keep going back for more
Service is great

David Hogan (Chicago, US)
Amazing blade

This is a great blade. Perfect shape and size for carving and camp tasks! Ragweed forge has a great selection of hardwoods and fittings to make your project come to life.

It is no secret, The Lauri Carving 80 is one of my personal Favorites! Thank you for taking the time to review and for the pictures! We love it. Great work