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Laurin Oy


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Scott Haddad (Chicago, US)
Lauri-84 blade.

Great service and blade was just as advertised.
Looking forward to building the knife around it.
The steel is hardened and tempered perfectly and no doubt it’s a keeper!

Gordon Whitbeck (West Hartford, US)
Another great blade

I had this peach wood in my firewood pile and decided to work some of it up
It’s definitely not going into the wood stove
It’s gone into a number of knife handles and a few spoons so far
Can’t say enough good things about service and reasonable prices for blades and shipping

SF (Palmyra, US)
Great blades

Easy to handle and very nice looking. I bought a pair of blades with the appropriate bolster and finger guards, and fitted them into maple handles. Beeswax sealed the divot around the edge of the wood where it meets the bolster or guard on each. Everything got an extra coat of oil before they went off as a gift, and the recipient is delighted. Very happy with the blades and the specific details recommending which bolster, ferrule or finger guards to get with each. Really helpful!

Robert Palmer (Charlestown, US)
Great Value

These knife blades are great. The blade is stout and the steel tempering is strong. For the money I have not found anything comparable. The only reason I am not giving them a 5 star rating is due to the secondary bevel at the cutting edge. I am using these knives to teach spoon carving and the secondary bevel (as opposed to a true scandanavian grind) is less than ideal. It requires the user to have to lift the bevel off of the material to engage the sharp edge thus not supporting the cut with the bevel. This is easily fixed on a stone.

Airik1111 (Portland, US)
Excellent service

I totally love the store, plenty of selection and easy to follow system. My knife and stuff was shipped way fast with tracking info all within the day I ordered. Everything was wrapped up nice and ya guys sent a thankyou written note ...Its the little things that make small businesses stand out . This was my second go at a puukko sheath which I used scrap leather I had lying around . I think next time I'll order some sheath stuff with my knife kit. For me sheaths are not as fun as making knives.
I will return for more knife project goodies, thanks guys.
100% recommendation.