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Mora Blade KBH 1/0 Non-laminated Carbon (NEW) #13735

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KBH-1/0; (77 mm) ~3" long .56" wide, .078" thick, the tang is about (108mm) 3 1/2" long,

This Blade is very similar to the previous 2/0

High carbon non-laminated blades; non laminated blades do not have soft sides, so they can be made thinner and still retain stiffness. Thinner blades slice better. These all have the classic Mora shape with a slight clip. They are made from C100 steel, and are hardened to 58 - 60 on the Rockwell scale. The spine of the blades is left rough from the stamping process. You may want to smooth it for appearance, or square up the corners for performance on a fire rod.

Bolster/Ferrule options

The 15x22x3 Shaped will slide right on to it but the slot is wider so there would be a gap on either side. The 16X24x3 Fillet will fit but the slot will need to be carefully filed open. The same for the 15x23x13 Fillet Ferrule, If you open the slot ever so slightly, it will work. Lastly, some people get the 19x30x3 Blank plate and make their own slot. Mora does not sell the ferrules that they use for this blade.



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