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Ragweed Forge

North Wolf -Ragweed EDC # 1

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John Myshkoff has a passion for not just making usable puukkos but they must be as attractive as they are ready for work.

I personally have a North Wolf Puukko that was designed around my specifications. Here is another that was made with these same specifications to be a excellent, useful, and beautiful knife.

This knife was based around a 80mm Lauri Carbon Steel. Polished to 800x with a scotch-brite gray satin finish. As you will notice, the Carbon blade was polished to remove all of the heat treat color and give it a much cleaner look.

The Handle was made out of Paduk, with a 3mm Peened Brass Bolster and 4mm Contrasting Ebony Spacer. The End cap is a 10mm rounded piece of Ebony that goes quite nicely with the ebony spacer.

The Brown hand stitched scabbard sheath with belt loop is quite nice and just how I had mine done.

The knife and sheath are formed perfectly to fit one another. The knife is not just Elegant but made for use! Anyone I know would love one of these in their collection, hopefully there will be more to come quite soon.



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