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Roselli R850D The Roselli Axe with Red Elm Handle

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This is Roselli's Finnish handmade outdoor axe with a long handle of red elm that gives you that extra power when splitting wood.

Roselli's axes always keep their promises and are considered by many to be the perfect companion and tool when you go out into the wilderness. Roselli's axes are strong, have an extreme sharpness and can easily be used for felling, pruning and timbering. They are also an outstanding tool for wood splitting and tensioning, as the axes' wide blade angle prevents them from getting stuck when you split.

Comes with a simplistic, dark vegetable tanned Finnish leather case to protect the edge and a practical loop which enables carrying in a belt or attaching to a backpack. The handle is made from red elm and coated with linseed oil to ensure a firm grip, even when wet.

Item Details: 

  • Carbon Steel Head
  • Cutting Edge: 3.5"
  • Handle Length: 18"
  • Weight in Sheath: 1lb 12 oz. 



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