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Roselli R860 The Roselli Hatchet

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The Roselli Hatchet is a modern multi-task tool. Besides functioning in the usual way as a chopping tool, the thick wedge shape of the blade makes it unusually efficient for splitting with minimal chance of the blade getting caught in the wood. The cut out in the blade, combined with the rounded form of the head behind the cutout, make it easy to get your hand behind the edge for shaving and carving. It can also be used to skin and dismember large game. The stout edge is better able to stand up to bone and cartilage than the usual thinner edge. I would expect this comes at some cost in chopping efficiency, but most users seem pleased with the performance. There is even a small hammer face on the back for pounding nails or tent pegs.  The birch wood handle is lightly treated with linseed oil. It's supplied with a stout leather belt sheath. The whole outfit is quite light.

Item Details: 

Hardness: About 60 HRC

Blade length: 90 mm

Total length: 350 mm

Weight: 720 g

Handle: Birch

Sheath: Vegetable tanned leather

  • Carbon Steel Head
  • Cutting Edge: 3.5"
  • Handle Length: 14"
  • Weight in Sheath: 1lb 12 oz. 



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