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Ragweed Forge

Sharpening - 2 Sided Diamond Plate with Leather sheath From Ragweed Forge #5 - Brown

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Ragweed Forge is now Creating some of our own products due to popular demand! We think you will love them.

Our Hewlett 2 sided Med/Fine Sharpeners have always been quite popular and they are also our favorites because they last! We have been asked for years to create some nice "sheaths" for them and we love how they turned out. We now have a few different Models Ready to ship!

This #5 is a simple Sheath that can be tossed in the drawer or put right on your keychain so you never have to carry a dull knife again!  Everyone will be asking you to sharpen their knife when they see how quick it works.

This Leather sheath holds the original Double Sided Diamond plate quite nicely with a button on a strap to secure the plate. You can easily remove the plate for use and insert it back into the sheath.

The Veg-tanned leather is completely hand crafted every step of the way from Dying, to Stitching.   The hardware on the Brown leather version is an excellent contrasting Black, and the Hardware on the Black Leather Version is Antique Nickel which stands out quite nicely.. 

Diamond Plate: Med/Fine 600/1800 grit 

Size of Plate: 1 1/2" x 4"

Sheath - Overall Length 4 7/8in x 1 1/2" plus keychain

Weight of sheath with diamond Plate: 2.4oz

Purchase includes Med/Fine Stone and Brown sheath. If you have had one of these Diamond Plates for years, and just need the sheath, Please feel free to write/call and we will make that happen.




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