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Ragweed Forge

Skala Custom Knives - Red Stag Handle 16 (Left handed Knife and Sheath)

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Ron Skala has been making these custom knives for years! Using mostly bone/antler handles, he sure has it figured out.

This knife is started with a Lauri Little Carving 125mm Stainless blade. The Handle is made from a neatly figured large base from Red Stag Antler.  As noted in the Title, This knife would fit a Left handed person better than right handed (could be comfortable in small Right hand) Because of this, The sheath is also built to hold on your left side. Quite a good use of this shaped Red Stag Base.

The well pronounced finger guard and pommel are hand made out of Aluminum that he was able to salvage.. This comes with a very decorated Black sheath with strap that fits very well around the finger guard. Quite a great piece for those Left handed folks that are often forgot about when it comes to Antler Handles.



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