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Strömeng 5" leuku with finger guard KS5F

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The 5" Strömeng leuku with a finger guard - This item would be useful for hunters who reach into the body cavity when cleaning big game. Without a guard, if you strike a rib with the point, the knife can slide back in your hand with nasty results. It might also be a good starting knife for younger users. Like the military version above, the sheath has a keeper strap and belt slots. The handle is a bit smaller in diameter than the others. It's still a handful compared to the usual puukko however. 

Item Details: 

  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Blade Length: 5"
  • Blade Width: 1 1/8"
  • Blade Thickness: .119"
  • Handle Length: 4 1/4"
  • Weight in Sheath: 6 oz. 



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