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Viking Boar #1226

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Viking Boar
#1226: The boar was a symbol of warlike fierceness in Viking times. Viking helms were often decorated with a boar. This is a stylized boar pendant in the Celtic or Viking tradition. It's just over 2" long and 1 3/8" wide.

The Celts admired the fearsome aggressive qualities of the boar, and its ability to defend itself to the death. This came to symbolize the courage, bravery, and ferocity that the Celts were famous for.  According to the Druids, the boars symbolize spiritual authority in the Celtic culture. They believed that seeing a boar in your dreams is an indication of the warrior spirit.  Boars were also used to symbolize fertility and wealth.

As a Celtic god, Moccus was identified as the boar/swine god and invoked as the protector of boar hunters and warriors, by the Celtic tribe of Lingones.  All over the Celtic world, the wild boar was an object of reverence. Boars were both a dark and vicious force and also a magical and wondrous entity.  

Celtic Boar - 1226S  54mm W x 35mm



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