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Ragweed Forge

North Wolf Kokemaen Puukko # 8

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John Myshkoff has a passion for not just making usable puukkos but they must be as attractive as they are ready for work.

This knife was based around a carbon 95mm Lauri carving HD. Re-profiled and hand Polished to 800x Satin finish.

The Handle was made out of Padauk.. The front is flat with a 1mm Bevel and the butt end has the Traditional Bevel as you can see.

The sheath and dangler is made from Brown Cowhide with a fixed Belt loop. Very cleanly hand stitched

The knife and sheath are formed perfectly to fit one another. The knife is not just Elegant but made for use! Anyone I know would love one of these in their collection, hopefully there will be more to come quite soon.



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