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Ragweed Forge

North Wolf Puukko Medium # 9

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John Myshkoff has a passion for not just making usable puukkos but they must be as attractive as they are ready for work.

This knife was based around a 95mm HD Lauri Carbon Steel. Re-profiled and reground to Rhomboid. As you will notice, the Carbon blade was polished to remove all of the heat treat color and give it a much cleaner look. Hand polished to 800x and Scotch Brite Gray Satin finish.

The Handle was made out of Black Ash Burl, Ebony Bolster and End cap wiith Cocobolo Spacers

The Sheath is Black Cowhide with dangler

The knife and sheath are formed perfectly to fit one another. The knife is not just Elegant but made for use! Anyone I know would love one of these in their collection, hopefully there will be more to come quite soon.



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