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Pecks Woods Leather - Knife, Ferro Rod, Leather sheath with extra container! #9

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Dan from Pecks woods has been doing some wonderful leather work for years. He is now making some rustic custom knives! All of his handle material is found and collected in upstate New York!

Now this is quite the sheath and amazing leatherwork!

This knife is started with the well know and great steel from a Lauri Carving 95mm High Carbon blade. The Handle is made mostly from leather spacers, a brass spacer with a nice touch of antler in the front at the pommel. Brass Bolster

This one also comes with a ferro rod that is epoxied into a great shaped handle of whitetail antler and secured nicely by an elastic string. There is also a leather pouch that carries a small altoids can that you could store any fire starting material that you wish.

This beautiful and well decorated Leather sheath is hand dyed, hand tooled and hand stitched. The sheath will accommodate a belt up to 2in.

There is also a separate leather strap that will go around the thigh of most any adult to secure the entire sheath tightly to your leg. Quite the set up!

Quite a rustic and traditional looking piece



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