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Ragweed Forge

R.Nurmi PUUKKO - #8 Moose Antler Handle

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Rick has been a wood worker and knife builder for many years. I was quite surprised with the creativity when the first batch of knives was sent. Every one of his knives we have seen have exceptional craftsmanship and  are beyond creative.

This knife was started with a Lauri Carving 95mm High carbon blade that was polished. The handle is made out Moose Antler! This very fine piece has a moose antler handle with spalted apple wood and birchbark spacers. The End is also inletted with spalted apple wood. Beautiful finished piece.

The blade measures out at 3 5/8".... 3/4" wide  The handle at the longest point is 4 1/4" so the knife total length is just under 8"

The sheath is made out of a Double later of Birchbark with Deer Rawhide lacking and beltloop. Quite neat. The knife fits quite snug into the sheath as it is supposed to.




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