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Samson SAMS-1BR

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SAMS-1BR is a good fit for any of the Mora Companion line. So if your knife is similar in size to the Companions, it may work fine. Unlike the others, this one is raw tooling leather, and can be wet formed to your specific knife. See the sheath making page for suggestions on doing this. The sheath is about 7” deep, and will accept blades up to about 1” wide. I’d allow about 3” of depth for the handle, so it should work for knives with a 4” blade. The sheath is sewn with a welt, glued and stitched. The belt loop is securely riveted, and will take belts up to about 2 3/4" in width.

We have updated pictures to current shade of Leather. This shade is quite attractive. The Mora Companion shown in picture is not included.



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