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Ragweed Forge

Sharpening Hewlett 12in Bench Stones (Med/Fine)

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The Moment we got these in, I personally added one to my sharpening kit that goes in the truck where ever I go. Quite often, People ask me to sharpen their knives and this piece sure makes quick work of it when I am sitting at a table..

These 12in bench Stones come with the same great Hewlett quality Diamonds that just seem to last forever. These can be secured down in your shop or just left in the truck like myself to use them on the go. 6in of the stone is Med Grit and the other 6in of the stone is a Fine Grit. It does come with a cover that snaps on quite nicely to avoid it grinding on something in travel. The stone will hold up to anything but whatever it is rubbing on will surly get dug into without the cover

Med: 600 Grit / 27 Micron

Fine: 1800 Grit / 10.5 Micron



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